How To Create Single Use Amazon Codes

Written by Gordan Vasilic
Updated 4 years ago

Below is Guide on how to create  single-use Amazon Codes. We advise you to use Single-use instead Normal Coupons, because it is easier and gives you more control (and protection) over your product listing.

Please, follow these steps!
Can you find Max Order Quantity in “Edit details” when editing your listing in your Seller Central Account?
If so, then set the max order quantity there, which will limit any orders  to the max quantity you decide to set this to (1).

1. Login to your Sellers Account Homepage: 

2. Go to “Promotions”  page, and choose “Money Off”:

3. On a “Create a promotion page” click on “Create a new products selection” to select product you want to generate codes for:

4. Select “ASIN List” and click “Create Product Selection”

5. Fill out the next page. The first two slots are for your tracking purposes only and name them what you would like. In the “ASIN List” section, input the ASIN number of the product you want to run the promo for. Click “Submit” and you should then see a success notification.

6. Go back to Create Promotion page and click refresh in your browser and choose the product selection that you just created from the drop down menu.

7. Now you must enter how much you want to discount your product.  It is highly advised to use ONLY the “Money Off” option.

8. This is important. Buyer Benefit Applies to a Quantity of: You need to put 1 here if you want the code to only work on ONE item. This eliminates people from buying all of your inventory at the sale price.
Can you find Max Order Quantity in “Edit details” when editing your listing in your Seller Central Account?

If so, then set the max order quantity there, which will limit any orders  to the max quantity you decide to set this to (1).

9.  In “Scheduling” Section set desired Start and End dates. Leave Tracking ID as-is. 

NOTE: It takes 4 hours from the point you create the coupon code to become active no matter what time you choose here, keep that in mind.

 10.  In “Additional Options” Section check “Claim code”  and “One redemption per customer”. In “Claim Code Combinability” select “Unrestricted”.

IMPORTANT: Uncheck the “Detail page display text” box. If you don’t do this then your promo code will be available for anyone that visits your product listing!

11. On the next page, you will need to review all of the setting and make sure everything looks correct. If it does, you can click on the “Submit” button.

12. Now you need to generate promo codes. Go to “Manage Promotions” tab, and select “All” at “Promotion Status” to see all  promotions. Click on desired Tracking ID:

13. Enter Group name and desired number of codes and click on “Create”. After creation, download your codes:

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